Exhibitor Information

3D Printing 2018 is an additive manufacturing and 3D Printing exhibition held concurrently with nano tech 2018.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to display your products and technology to Japan and the world.

February 14-16, 2018 at Tokyo Big Sight

Booths are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Apply early to make sure you get the best location!

Category of Exhibits

3D Printers,
3D Scanners,
Laser machines for model and tool making,
Machines for rapid prototyping,
Machines for rapid manufacturing,
CT/MRT and image processing machines,
Surface treatment/finishing/surface deposits〔printing〕,
Model and mold making machines/technology,
Service bureau,
Lightweight construction,
Micro technology
Materials Plastics,
Hybrid/composite/functional materials
Software 3D visualization,
3D graphics and modelling software,
CAD/CAM systems,
CT/MRT and image processing systems,
Digitalization systems,
Simulation software,
Virtual reality software
Device for measurement,
control, verification
Three dimensional measuring devices,
Laser measurement technology and calibration,
Optical measuring technology, sensors,
Measuring and display devices/systems,
Testing equipment

Exhibition fee

Company Area ¥345,600 JPY / 9m²
Public Organizations,
Overseas Pavilions &
University Labs Area
¥172,800 JPY / 9m²

Booth Specifications

1 space = 9 square meters (3m X 3m)

Application to Exhibit

Booth allocation is on "First come, First served" basis.

Please refer to the Floor Layout on our website and indicate the space number you require in the application form, then send it to the Secretariat by e-mail. Please choose your booth location. Once your application has been processed, your organization’s name and booth location will be published on the website within two working days.
Please note that applications will close when all spaces are allocated, even if this occurs before the official deadline.


In principle, applications cannot be cancelled after July 31, 2017. Cancellations may be accepted only when the Secretariat deems it unavoidable, and in such cases the following penalties will be incurred based on the date written notice of cancellation is received.

Based on the date of cancellation Cancellation fee
Before Sep.29, 2017 50% of the invoiced amount
On and after Sep. 30, 2017 100% of the invoiced amount


September 29(Fri.), 2017 Deadline for booth reservation
End of October 2017 Exhibitor Manual sent to exhibitors
February 12(Mon.) & 13(Tue.), 2018 Move in
February 14(Wed.) -16(Fri.), 2018 Exhibition


Secretariat of 3D Printing
JTB Communication Design, Inc.

Celestine Shiba Mitsui Building, 3-23-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-8335
E-mail : 3dprinting@jtbcom.co.jp